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Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno

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If you’re in or near London on 14 December, you could go to see Alan Moore interview Brian Eno. BBC Radio 4’s Chain Rection show is being recorded and you stand a chance of getting tickets via the link below. Here’s the spiel:

"Chain Reaction: Simplicity itself. A well-known public figure begins the series by interviewing the person of their choice. The following week the interviewee gets the chance to chat to the person of their choice. And so and so on."

14 December Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno. Award-winning author, Alan Moore, has written some of the best comic book stories, in the industry, for the past two decades. Moore’s many credits include such groundbreaking works as Watchmen and Miracleman. Brian Eno found fame with 70s glamsters Roxy Music and went on to explore the aesthetics of ambient and ‘Fourth World’ music. A prolific artist, he also turns his hand to videos, film music and art installations."

Quite looking forward to hearing who Eno chooses …

BBC Radio 4: Chain Reaction: Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno


9 responses to “Alan Moore interviews Brian Eno”

  1. Loz Avatar

    I’m slightly more interested in Stewart Lee interviewing Moore to be honest. Is this going to be up on the website for a week in the usual manner?
    (oh, and you got the addy wrong in the Radio 4 link)


  2. Dan Avatar

    I’m pretty sure it’ll be up for audio-on-demand in the Radio Player in the usal manner, yes. I’ll check. The only reason it wouldn’t be is rights, but shouldn’t be any problems.
    Oh, and ta RE link. Oops!


  3. Lon Barfield Avatar

    What happens if Eno chooses Alan Moore?


  4. K. Avatar

    They actually sent me tickets. Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂


  5. zetacap Avatar

    Ya, thanks for the tip!


  6. Herb Avatar

    According to Alan Moore’s site (or a google cached version of his news page, anyway), it will be aired on the 27th of January.


  7. Paul Byrne Avatar
    Paul Byrne

    Hey there,
    Anyone got an MP3 or a link where I can get a copy of the Moore and Eno interview from BBC Radio 4’s Chain Reaction? Have the transcript, but it’s just not the same without hearing Eno’s Pete’n’Dud impersonation…


  8. smithylad Avatar

    I am curious who else were in the chain – Stewart Lee -> Alan Moore -> Brian Eno: who were the other two?
    About ten years ago, I heard a similar thing on Radio 5. The sequence went:
    John Peel -> Ian Rush -> Max Boyce -> Pete Waterman -> Jimmy Saville. Peel was the only one to ask really insightful questions – unfortunately, much as I like the guy, Ian Rush is possibly the only one of the bunch without insightful answers. Everyone else was show biz-banal. If only Pete Waterman could have got Jimmy Saville talking – a guy who has seen it all but keeps everything hidden!


  9. Joseph Avatar

    I don’t know if you still want this link, or if you’ve heard it already, but you can listen to it here:


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