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‘Technology is the answer. But what was the question?’ Cedric Price (1966)

A presentation and Q&A for Urban AI, on designing for technology and the city, and a discussion about on tech, cities, public value, capitalism and design practice for Brave UX podcast

Not long after I returned to Australia, back in May 2022, I gave a late-night (for me) presentation to the Emerging Leaders programme at Urban AI, followed by a Q&A with students. Urban AI frame the programme thus:

“Our Emerging Leaders Program is designed to educate and support young scholars and professionals working in the emerging field of Urban Artificial Intelligence. This program also aims to bring together a multidisciplinary group of participants and foster collaborations between different fields to propose a new approach to urban technologies.”

I talked about AI briefly, but technology and the city more broadly. My talk sits alongside others by the likes of Saskia Sassen, Carlo Ratti, Alex Sandy Pentland, Parag Khanna, Hélène Chartier, Abdinassir Sagar etc. Many thanks to the students for their good questions, and to Hubert Béroche of École Polytechnique for organising. Here’s the talk and Q&A:

A few weeks later, I had a conversation with Brendan Jarvis for his Brave UX podcast (Apple Podcasts, Spotify), which roamed across football, capitalism, public value, universities, libraries, cars, bikes, Uber versus the BBC, and the kind of design practice that might wrangle all that entanglement. Here’s the discussion with Brendan:


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