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Blogging and Emergence

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I’ve been checking out this discussion at (pointed to by Matt Jones). I’m less interested in the ‘validity of blogging as journalism’ argument and more interested in the ‘blogsgoogle as emergent knowledge management’ angle, but they’re linked in some way (the former gets lodged in a discussion about the merits of journalism though.)

Interestingly, Jason Kottke earlier posted an excerpt from a review of Gosford Park which (perhaps unwittingly) resonates with the later discussion of emergence and blogs/mailing lists/wiki etc.

"Altman achieves his dream of a truly organic form, in which everyone is connected to everyone else, and life circulates around a central group of ideas and emotions in bristling orbits."


One response to “Blogging and Emergence”

  1. Eric Scheid Avatar

    I believe the basic blog structure needs to evolve some more before emergence can occur. I don’t mean more bells and whistles in the blogs themselves, but in the ways blogs can interact. JK has it right when he says more tools are needed, though I think the term “tool” is a misnomer.
    Things like yaywastaken’s referrer listing service.


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