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A further update on the One-Minute City projects I’m working on here in Sweden. Building on the coverage in Bloomberg CityLab, Fast Company wrote about the project recently:

And then a great, thoughtful piece in The Guardian covering the project as it extends to Gothenburg and Helsingborg:

Our partner ArkDes also produced a short video to help articulate the project, featuring some of the partners and collaborators in the project, as well as my key collaborator at Vinnova, Filip Kjellgren. It’s in Swedish, but with English subtitles.

Further, the EIT Urban Mobility Academy (an initiative of the European Commission) came and interview me, and key partners Daniel Byström of ArkDes and Tobias Nordström of Spacescape, about the project, discussing the citizen participation and tactical-versus-strategic urbanism aspects.

Finally, back in October I contributed to TEDx Grosseto with a home-made video (actually shot in the streets with some inadvertently amusing cuts to me standing in a local forest!) explaining some of the thinking behind the project. A bit scratchy, but here it is:


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