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Jobs at Monocle

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Please excuse the work-related post. Just a quick note that there are a couple of vacancies at Monocle at the moment, working across the magazine and website. Both jobs are based at our London HQ in Marylebone. Drop a line to the people named below:

Photo editor
Monocle is looking for an experienced photo editor for a nine-month contract starting in March. We are looking for someone who understands the style of the magazine and is happy to work with our existing team of photographers as well as finding new talent around the world. You will need to be able to commission everything from news to fashion and be willing to work irregular hours, including some weekends. This is a fast-paced, demanding and rewarding position. Send applications, including a CV, to Rose Percy at this email address: rp at monocle dot com. Closing date for applications is 14 January 2008.

Producer, Monocle Web
Commercially-orientated web producer required to continue the development of, with editorial responsibilities across the website, and particular responsibility for creating and procuring bespoke advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and with potential for syndicating Monocle’s services onto mobile and television platforms. As ever, we’re looking for innovative ideas, beyond simple sponsorship and banner advertising. This key role would entail developing such ideas, representing Monocle at pitches with clients, working alongside our advertising team, so commercially-orientated experience is a must. In-depth knowledge of both broadcast and new media industries is ideally required, with particular emphasis on emerging models for sponsorship and advertising. The successful candidate will have a passion for new media and share Monocle’s mission to ‘raise the bar’ in terms of quality for online editorial. Send applications, including a a CV, to Dan Hill at this email address: dh at monocle dot com.


One response to “Jobs at Monocle”

  1. Marc Avatar

    Do you by any chance also need test web/mobile users? I’m a huge fan of Monocle but would love to see the online version be more accessible for multiple devices.
    (I’ll work for free, er, I mean content!)


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