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A quick note to redirect your attention towards the Lebbeus Woods website, and associated weblog, which emerged yesterday. Do make sure you also check Geoff Manaugh’s excellent interview with Woods too.

Meeting Woods earlier this year was a great honour, and noticing a little flurry of referrals from a certain ‘’ to my corresponding write-up … well, likewise. He’s one of the few architects – or designers in general – truly worthy of the description ‘visionary’ (as much as he might bit irritated by that). The site is chock full of sketches, photographs and words, which really deserve a couple of days set aside just to begin to take in. It’s clearly in the early stages of development but I’m happy it exists at all, and with many projects covered, there’s enough food for thought to last years. That he has started a weblog, with an opening entry on ‘outsider architecture‘, is perhaps just as interesting.

He launches the site with a veritable call-to-arms, echoing reasons he gave for making the time for our Postopolis! event – that he saw the web as an increasingly relevant platform for new thinking and discussion about architecture, including the publishing of new works:

"Unlike the past decades, the present moment is lacking in architectural discourse, generally. In particular, there is an absence of criticism of works and ideas, except in terms of efficacy, and that – at a time of critical changes of every kind – is not good enough."

Lebbeus Woods site and weblog
Postopolis!: Lebbeus Woods
Without Walls: An Interview with Lebbeus Woods [BLDGBLOG]
Lebbeus Woods [Wikipedia]


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