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Normal service will be resumed shortly

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I’m in the middle of an intense bit of development at work – the beginnings of which will be revealed on within the next week or so – and so struggling to post here in the meantime.

But I’ll shortly finish off my Postopolis! write-ups. A few more sessions and a summary to go. Thanks for all the kind words about the event, and the write-ups thus far. You can see all the Postopolis! blog entries here, plus the Flickr pool and YouTube videos are still good value.

If you’re new to City of Sound, there are some selected posts here, including recent efforts on an attempt to combine Ballard, Australia, the University of Queensland, Silent Running and climate change, a review of the Colani show at the Design Museum, and what Geoff described as a “nice tuna post”.

Back soon with more of the same.

In the meantime, here’s an architectural competition in Russia – PermMuseumXXI:

“The Centre of Contemporary Architecture in Russia announces a two-stage open architecture competition (with international participation) for the most innovativearchitectural concept for a museum centre in the city of Perm in the Russian Federation (PermMuseumXXI).”

Jury includes Arata Isozak and Peter Zumthor. Go for it.

See also another in Columbus Ohio – Columbus ReWired:

“International Transit Design Competition. This IDEAS competition is intended to solicit innovative design solutions and dialogue about the possibilities for the role of public transportation in Columbus, OH focusing on the passenger facilities and transit modes that will re-connect citizens, renew neighborhoods and spark economic development.”

And congrats to Sir Peter Cook. And to Russell for being Interesting2007.

Back shortly.


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