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I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be helping co-host an event at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City at the end of May 2007. I’m even more delighted – and honoured – to be co-hosting it with the folks behind BLDGBLOG, Subtopia and Inhabitat.

More details very soon – and also on the Storefront site – but if you’re in New York from May 28th to June 2nd, do come along. Below, the info from the Storefront site:


“Postopolis! is a five-day event of near-continuous conversation about architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design. Four bloggers, from four different cities, will host a series of live discussions, interviews, slideshows, panels, talks, and other presentations, and fuse the informal energy and interdisciplinary approach of the architectural blogosphere with the immediacy of face to face interaction.”

“BLDGBLOG (Los Angeles), City of Sound (London), Inhabitat (New York City), and Subtopia (San Francisco) will meet in person to orchestrate the event, inviting everyone from practicing architects, city planners, and urban theorists to military historians, game developers, and materials scientists to give their take on both the built and natural environments.”

“For the past five years, blogging has helped to expand the bounds of architectural discussion; its influence now spreads far beyond the internet to affect museums, institutions, and even higher education. Postopolis! is an historic opportunity to look back at what architecture blogs have achieved – both to celebrate their strengths and to think about their future.”

The Storefront is one of my favourite New York galleries, so I’m also delighted that it’s based there. So that’s me thrice delighted, then.




Storefront for Art & Architecture: Postopolis!

UPDATE: Provisional speaker list announced.


6 responses to “Postopolis!”

  1. AG Avatar

    Woo-HOO! This should be choice, and it’s an outright travesty that I’ll be on the road thenabouts.


  2. Rob Avatar

    Oof. Great gig. Super jealous. How do I get to take part from afar? Surely the information superhighway can come to my rescue?


  3. bryan Avatar

    Ahh! I should be touching down in EU about the time this thing starts. Damn scheduling.


  4. marty Avatar

    Great news – good luck with the event.
    We need to get a UK venue for a rematch.
    How about the Serpentine Pavilion?


  5. Robert Carbonell Avatar

    Hi. Its information seems to me very interesting. I in the month of June “Day 8” of this year 2007. I have a exhibition in the Icosahedron Gallery of New York Located in the District of Tribeca. If I have free time would like to see this so interesting gallery, Robert Carbonell

    Gallerie Icosahedron 27 North Moore St. New York , Ny 10013
    (212) 966-3897
    ‘ NEW YORK 2007 ‘


  6. bronxelf Avatar

    wave (you don’t know me, but…)
    I’m dead up local, so I should be able to pop by no problem!
    Have metrocard, will travel.


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