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UPDATE: Vacancy now closed.

Please excuse the work-related post, but we’re hiring. Do pass this on to anyone/anywhere you think might be interested.

Monocle_mark_small Production Assistant, Monocle Web & Broadcast is the broadcast arm of Monocle, producing high-quality audio and video related to subjects covered in the magazine. The website, and corresponding mobile channels, aim to ‘raise the bar’ for internet-based video, both in terms of editorial and production values.
Monocle is looking for a highly motivated, skilled all-rounder to join our core team in London, helping with the creation of both the website and the new broadcast-led formats it carries.
Main responsibilities:

  • Planning and executing the logistics of broadcasts, and broadcast acquisitions.
  • Creation of audio/video material for and its related interactive channels.
  • Editing and encoding of Monocle broadcast content.

Required experience: 

  • Experience of creating and producing high quality audio-video material.
  • Experience with Final Cut Pro, within a Mac-based digital video environment.
  • Basic video production skills (handling cameras, mics etc.).
  • Basic skills in Photoshop, Illustrator etc.
  • An in-depth understanding of contemporary web content and internet-based and mobile platforms.
  • Good understanding of international current affairs, business, culture, design, as covered in Monocle.
  • Languages an advantage.

Reporting to Director of Web & Broadcast (that’s me), and working as part of Monocle’s core team at our London HQ in Marylebone.
All applications and enquiries to dh [at] monocle [dot] com. Thanks.


8 responses to “Vacancy now closed: Production Assistant, Monocle Web & Broadcast”

  1. Ben Avatar

    Totally unrelated – nice to see you as Typepad blog of the day.


  2. Dan Hill Avatar

    Cheers Ben. Yes, was nice.


  3. Shang Avatar

    A couple of weeks again, I emailed Monocle customer service about a simple question about subscription. I never heard back other than an auto reply.
    My question was, if I subscribe today, do I get the first two issues ?


  4. Dan Hill Avatar

    Hmmm that’s bad in terms of customer service. I’ll chase that up. But basically, the answer would be no, that your subscription would start with the next issue at that point. We are about to enable purchasing of back issues via the site as well, though, so that should help you.


  5. Tweedle Avatar

    hi dan, my quesiton is….if i post a comment on your blog, do i get the fist three issues of monocle free, as well as an iced bun?


  6. Shang Avatar

    Hi, Dan
    Thanks a lot. Just subscribed it 🙂


  7. DJ Hire Sydney Avatar

    Hello!! Dan. I am first time visiting this site but I have fallen in love with this site. Nice site really I think it’s cleverly built and has a ton of potential


  8. Wedding DJ Sydney Avatar

    Hi! Just been on this site, really like it, have some interesting articles and an all round good blog. Keep it up.


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