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Pictogram, information design and branding fans in London should get down to the Vitsoe store on Wigmore Street before 15th March, in order to catch the fantastic Otl Aicher exhibition, put together by Bibliothéque. You have one more day!



More pictures after the jump. Apologies for the blurry camera phone pics. Full set at Flickr, but if you’re in or near London, go go go!








Vitsoe: 72: Otl Aicher and the Munich Olympiad
Bibliothéque: 72


One response to “Otl Aicher exhibition, Vitsoe shop, London”

  1. Chris Avatar

    I went along to this last weekend; definitely recommended if you’re into graphic or information design. It’s a fairly small exhibition but there’s lots of detail to get lost in. Had fun trying to divine the meanings of the various signage tiles (picture 7 above).
    (It’s also worth picking up a brochure for Vitsoe’s minimalist 606 shelving system while you’re there. Mmmm, shelving.)


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