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Starters for ten

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I had to pull together a list of relevant cityofsound posts the other day, and subsequently thought it might make i) a useful introductory index for new readers, and ii) a cheap blog post. 

So below, some popular or defining posts at cityofsound. They all tend to gravitate towards recurring themes of cities,
architecture, design, media and culture – often colliding in the same
post, say on the imagined connections between travel writing and design, or football and architecture – but here’s an attempt at filing them discretely nonetheless.

Design practice




  • New Musical Experiences
    (Lengthy presentation on the current state of music experiences, in context of history of recorded music experience, and issues around metadata, cover art, interfaces and so on)
  • Designing for shuffling
    (On interfaces optimised for shuffling as a way of listening, drawing from record decks)
  • How Devices Learn (How to build products, specifically for music, which learn from user behaviour)
  • Bad Metadata Is Killing Music (The importance of metadata in keeping music, specialist and otherwise, relevant)
  • Music’s Rich Facets (The different angles and relationships involved in browsing around music)


Cities, places, buildings




2 responses to “Starters for ten”

  1. juniorbonner Avatar

    what a great collection
    when’s the book coming out??


  2. Dan Hill Avatar

    Many thanks! No books plans, as yet, other than the odd thought. Writing for print is quite different to the above, I reckon. We’ll see, though, eh?


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