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An occasional series, commencing with this fine example of a 'progress bar'.


More images in sequence below, as used by Martin Sheen in Terence Malick's film 'Badlands' (1974).





Elsewhere, on Interaction Design Classics:
#1: The 'progress bar' on the Voice-O-Graph in 'Badlands'
#2: The big pink arrow from 'Grand Theft Auto'
#3: The 'A Bit More' button on the Breville Professional 800 Collection 4-slice Toaster
#4: The Melnikov House intercom system


3 responses to “Journal: Interaction Design Classics #1: The ‘progress bar’ on the Voice-O-Graph in ‘Badlands’”

  1. Jones Avatar

    V quick off the mark Mr H! Watched this classic last night again on BBC2…a feast for the eyes, if not necessarily the brain as I feel the dialogue and plotting have suffered somewhat over the years. What’s best is the GENTLE prompting of ‘nostalgia’ buttons (ho ho) with such details as the one you point out above. The sequence where they hole up in some rich folks house is priceless, esp as he uses the old dictaphone to record his great thoughts.


  2. Dan Hill Avatar

    Ah we watched it on DVD two weeks ago, so purely chance it was on BBC2 last night. Celia spotted the progress bar, so credit where it’s due.
    Did you know that it was Mr Malick himself knocking at the door of said rich man’s house? A rare sighting indeed.


  3. blurb Avatar

    Saw this in the Castro 6 or 8 years ago. Sheen is a bad man in this. David Lynch owes a lot to the headlight on the road night shots.


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