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Don’t hold the Gherkin

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Armando Iannucci is a comedy genius. Fact.

Another one: Time Trumpet’, the new BBC series by him and his team, is bloody funny. The show "looks back on events of the first 30 years of the 21st Century from the perspective of a nostalgia show in the year 2031." Hilarity ensues.

Yet it’s the subtlety and detail in Iannucci’s work that is truly rewarding. After several interviews with an aged ‘Natasha Kaplinsky‘, I noticed a lovely detail in the evolved London skyline behind her, far right. See below. As with everything about Iannucci’s satire, it’s only one micrometer beyond believable. Or, it’s funny because it’s nearly true.




2 responses to “Don’t hold the Gherkin”

  1. Tom Armitage Avatar

    Aha! Glad somebody else notice this one, too! Made me giggle for a good minute. It’s a wonderful show, and the way it’s evolving over time – the ongoing explanation for Stewart Lee’s dimwittedness, Ant and Dec’s increasing seriuosness – is lovely.


  2. burt Avatar

    The web site – is also worth checking out for some more classic Iannucci style humour.


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