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Aula 2006: Movement

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In a couple of days, I’m off to Helsinki to attend Aula 2006, discussing various topics unified by the theme of ‘movement’. Here’s the spiel:

"Aula 2006 is an event about the direction of society, culture and technology … The theme Movement points to mobile 2.0 (mobility meets web 2.0), the overlapping of the physical and the virtual, and the social movement-like nature of new technologies. On a personal level, movement is about not staying still but taking action to shape the big global issues we face in the future."

I’m giving a swift presentation at an event on Thursday (quite possibly around vernacular architecture, Ville Radieuse, John Cage, ‘Lost’, new musical experiences and coordinating media movements), but the public event on Wednesday has good speakers and demand has been such that it’s moved to a larger venue, so if you’re in Helsinki, do come along.

Aula 2006: Movement

UPDATE: Here’s the PDF which accompanied the (8 minute) talk I gave earlier today. I’ll try to add some notes soon, as without a script it may not make much sense! (Insert joke here)

Download aula.pdf

Some great presentations today too. The following talks are the ones
still fizzing around my brain: Saul Griffith, Matt Jones, Timo Arnall,
Aditya Dev Sood, Ulla-Maaria Mutanen, and Tyler Brulé … but pretty much all contributions were interesting, and complemented each other very well. Congrats to Marko Ahtisaari, Jyri Engeström  and the other organisers; an excellent event.

FURTHER UPDATE: Here’s a related post from shortly afterwards, and here’s the full written version of the talk, with images.


One response to “Aula 2006: Movement”

  1. Jukka Avatar

    Yet another reason why regret ever moving out of Helsinki! Even if it was to study architecture… I hope you or someone else makes a good transcript of the event, even if it is never quite the same as being there in person.


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