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South and North

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A quick update. I’m just back from a blissful month in Australia, and having spent last weekend uploading the thousand or so photos to Flickr (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Stradbroke Island) I’m now left with the challenge of facing down thousands of words in half-formed notes. Essentially, I found Australia enchanting indeed and hope to find numerous ways of saying that shortly.

I also found it fairly liberating to be essentially offline for a month, only immersing myself in Robert Hughes’s imperious The Fatal Shore (one of the greatest books I’ve ever read), the new Peter Carey and the previous, as well as his entry in Bloomsbury’s excellent The Writer and the City series, 30 Days in Sydney: A wildly distorted account.

I should mention a few random things I did chance across over the last month: Adam Richardson’s new blog and particularly his useful and elegant contribution to the adaptive architecture/’unfinished’ theme: Emilio Ambasz and the Poetry of the Unfinished; I did occasionally head online to clear increasingly ridiculous amounts of trackback spam from this blog, so I’m now turning trackbacks off; check The Necks gig on the new ABC (Australian) show ‘Set’ (related: the lovely new album by The Catholics, Gondola); see also a free version of SketchUp; and finally, as they say, official announcements of some of the strategic work I’ve had my head down on for most of the last year at the BBC, not least the ‘Beyond Broadcast’ project within the BBC’s Creative Future initiative, and now working on design and navigation for iPlayer and BBC 2.0. More to follow there, I would imagine. But next up, now I’m back in the frozen North, a few more words about adaptation, architecture and Australia.

And with that, I hope I’ve kickstarted the blog again.


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    welcome back


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