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As Tony Blair said: "Unbelievable. Incredible. Brilliant." Actually, Michael Walker in The Guardian put it better, in rather more mythic terms:

"It took someone with the vision of HG Wells to construct this stadium out amid the pylons and rubble on the extreme margins of Istanbul. It would have required a storyteller with the equivalent imagination to foretell this night of football. In the space of six minutes early in the second half a formality warped into an epic. It was as if an Andy Pandy tale had been twisted into the Godfather. And at the end of it and with the clock showing half past midnight, sure enough, we had a shoot-out."

And Liverpool won. Against all the odds. Absolutely astonishing, and I'm deliriously happy. My fevered Flickr-ing last night perhaps captures my own warped sense of near-insane joy, the Nokiacam hitting the TV's interlacing at odd angles, creating moires and warps which somehow seemed entirely appropriate. Sigh. As arch-enemy Alex Ferguson once said, "Football, eh? Bloody hell."


2 responses to “Campioni!”

  1. smithylad Avatar

    Curious how the picture of Gerrard above is overlaid with red and black stripes, Milan’s usual strip, (and more importantly for me, Huddersfield Town’s away kit).
    Fantastic win last night – as they once said on the Simpsons (relating to an American Football Game that Homer had a bet on), it was the biggest comeback since Lazarus.


  2. Frankie Roberto Avatar

    Photos of TV screens? That’s low…


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