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More downloads/podcasts from BBC; Job

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We’ve just announced an extension to our BBC radio download trials (mentioned previously), with which you can get BBC radio content on to your mp3 player of choice.

The proposed list of programmes includes sections of Radio 4’s iconic Today programme, as well as the excellent In Business, From Our Own Correspondent and the continuation of In Our Time and the Reith Lectures. (Aptly, this year’s Reith’s are Lord Broers on The Triumph of Technology.)

From Five Live, there’ll be Sportsweek, Fighting Talk, the Rumour Mill, and Mark Kermode’s film review slot. Plus speech and documentary content from across Radio 1, 1Xtra and the World Service. Oh, and Gaelic Letter.

We’ll be podcasting as well as downloading. Probably early May. Stay tuned, pop-pickers. Remember, for the other stuff, there’s the BBC Radio Player – “Another successful R&M product” 🙂

Here’s the official BBC press release, and here’s how Media Guardian reported it.

Also: We’re also looking for a Technical Project Manager to come work with us in the Technology and Design team at BBC Radio and Music Interactive. If you want more details or wish to apply, here’s the job ad at the BBC Jobs site UPDATE: job ad is now closed, thanks.


One response to “More downloads/podcasts from BBC; Job”

  1. Richard Avatar

    Lots more of the same, please! Converting the BBC Radio Player programmes into something I can listen to on CD in the car is a real chore.


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