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Straight Thames

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Fun ‘Smirnoff Straight’ ad spotted in the papers the other day, somewhat in the style of the old Wipeout ad – this time imagining a straight River Thames running through London (click image for larger version):

Smirnoff Straight ad

It’d certainly be easier to align the text of the Eastenders title sequence that way …

[Also spotted on an advertising blog, Adland]


2 responses to “Straight Thames”

  1. ah Avatar

    I’ve gazed over this advert a few times, it’s been around for a while. It’s a fantastic image just in its detail, but it’s also a nice example of what you’ve said before about the iconography of the city creating the sense of place often over real geography, the Eye, the Thames of course and that wildly misplaced St. Pauls. Remind you of another London map?
    And because everyone else does, and they’re right; great site!


  2. Alan Connor Avatar

    That’s plain eerie. I said to myself, “I haven’t looked at City Of Sound,” I said, “in too long.” And then looking at the aerial pic in the Pimlico post I wondered, apropos of nothing: “hey, what was that print ad,” I wondered, “that made the Thames straight?”
    So I aimlessly searched on Google Images, remembered it was for vodka, guessed Smirnoff, and the first result…
    …was back at this blog. Like I say, plain eerie.


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