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Instant City

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“Instant City is a music building game table. one or more players at a table can create architecture using semi-transparent building blocks and in the process make different modular compositions audible. Every performance is unique because the sequence, timing and combination possibilities are completely in the hands of the players! For each game one composition is chosen. To date, eight different musicians have each produced special compositions which serve as the basic music building kits of instant city. The repertoire and compositions can and will be continually renewed/replenished.”

“For us the challenge of this interactive installation lies in enticing the audience into action, not only in front of the monitor or with a keyboard, but also in relation to the physically real, sensually graspable objects. This action, on the other hand, should influence the atmosphere of the total space luring other people to play and listen.”

Instant City installation

Looks like a really interesting installation. The site about it is in Flash and I can’t link direct: So, click ‘English’ in the left-hand navigation, then ‘Projects’, then ‘Instant City’.

Instant City [Flash]
[via Tom Armitage – thanks!]


3 responses to “Instant City”

  1. Tom Smith Avatar

    Oooh, this is so Star Trek… They used to play that game a bit like chess that had different perspex levels.
    Mind you the site that “promotes” it is so hopeless I have no idea where this is? Any pointers?


  2. 太妃糖憂鬱狂歡節│Carol's Carnival Avatar

    Working & Blogging



  3. Dan Avatar

    There’s some more details about the Instant City project up now:
    Instant City
    Thanks to Martin Burr for the tip.


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