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Christ Church Spitalfields reopens, London

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Fans of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s architecture, Alan Moore’s From Hell and the endless layering of history of London’s East End – particularly around Spitalfields – will be interested to learn that …

“Christ Church, Spitalfields, one of London’s finest churches, formally reopened on September 2nd after almost 30 years of painstaking restoration. Designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor and completed in 1729, the building fell into disrepair in the 1950s and faced demolition. But a group including Sir John Betjeman, later to become poet laureate, saved it from the wrecking ball … Since 1977 over £10m ($18m) has been spent on repairing its crumbling facade and, more recently, restoring its ornate, Baroque interior. Though impressive, the result has not been to everyone’s liking, with one critic arguing that Victorian stained-glass in the church’s east window compromises Hawksmoor’s original vision. Far from existing as an architectural curiosity, Christ Church is set to return to serving the local community. An evangelical congregation that has been meeting in the church’s underground crypt for the past two years will surely enjoy the change of scenery.”

From The Economist’s City Briefing for London.


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