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I’m All Right, Hack

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“How funny it seems – funny-strange rather than funny-ha-ha – that, getting on for 20 years after Margaret Thatcher extinguished the power of the British trade union movement, the nearest thing to a Militant Tendency in modern Britain should be these prominent beneficiaries of the free-market economy, their wealth based on the fortunes of Rupert Murdoch. We will not be finding Neville and Beckham thrusting aloft their clenched fists and singing the Internationale instead of God Save the Queen before an England match any time soon. But there can be no harm in their readiness to show a bit of independent spirit and to nibble, if not exactly bite, the hands that feed them.”

I’m no fan of Neville and Beckham, but Richard Williams has an interesting take on Wednesday’s silenzio stampa amongst England football players …

The Guardian: The silent right of militant millionaires


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