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New Sound, New York

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25 years after the now-legendary concert, New Music, New York, New York’s finest noises converge on "a city-wide festival of performances, installations and public dialogues, featuring new works by sound artists who are exploring fresh connections among music, architecture and the visual arts. Running March 30-May 16, 2004."

Includes a gala concert for original venue The Kitchen on April 27, featuring Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, and Steve Reich! And "architects design music, (in which) architects and musicians collaborate to design three-dimensional sound structures, using Michael J. Schumacher’s computer-based matrix", and a night on feedback featuring Jim O’Rourke, Ben Neill et al … and oh, too much to list here. A phenomenal array of experimental musicians and big ideas. Lucky ol’ NYC.

Time Out New York: New Sound New York
WorldChanging: Music about spaces and architecture
[via George – thanks!]


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