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Supermarket layout and IA

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Simon gave me this map (100kb) of Ladbroke Grove Sainsbury’s supermarket layout. It’s lovely – and could help illustrate how supermarkets drive traffic around the shop. A recent article at View Source noted that it’s very tricky to do this ‘herding’ online.

Download the map by clicking here (100kb).


15 responses to “Supermarket layout and IA”

  1. Amy Avatar

    I like it! It’s so cool and so helpful! I used it in my GCSE food tech coursework. Cheers mate.


  2. anthony Avatar

    this is helpful but have you got any info on the way computers are used at the checkout and so on.
    ant 13


  3. Gay T Avatar
    Gay T

    I am a primary school teacher in Rotorua New Zealand and my class of 8-9 year olds are studying supermarkets.
    Thanks a lot for the awesome layout, it is very much appreciated and very useful for our gobal learning.
    Cheers and Go the All Blacks Rugby Team @ the World Rugby Cup in Australia.


  4. flat Avatar

    Supermarket layouts

    About a week ago, I stumbled across Dan Hill’s terrific cityofsound. As I went through some of his recent posts, I found this one relating to supermarket layouts. The map of Sainbury’s closely resembles the local Whole Foods with short…


  5. charles Avatar

    i am thinking of starting a grocery store and just started researching, do you have any suggestions


  6. Lucy Wiltshire Avatar
    Lucy Wiltshire

    Hello I am a student studying shop layouts and their influences on consumer behaviour. If you have any more useful articles I could read I would be very grateful! Thanks for your insight so far!!


  7. Miss O'Keefe Avatar
    Miss O’Keefe

    Thanks very much for the great layout of Sainsbury’s supermarket. I’m teaching in Ireland, do you have any other layouts of shops or supermarkets or any other type of retail store?


  8. Dr John Cokley Avatar
    Dr John Cokley

    To Dan Hill — I can’t reach that article at View Source … any chance you could send it to me at University of Queensland, Australia, please?


  9. trudie Avatar

    Hi there I am trying to find some examples of different store lay out and how to maximize the flow of the shop as the space in our shop is very limited and we stock a huge range of products it is very difficult trying to create a flow when you have to optimize every bit of space you have any ideas?


  10. Fifella Avatar

    I am a college student. I want to get some literatures about supermarket. My thesis is giving a suggestion to arrange supermarket products in order to maximize sale by increase impulsive buyer.
    I really appreciate your earliest respond and look forward to it.
    very best regards,
    Fifella Aziza


  11. JUMA Avatar

    I am a college student I want to design a supermarket so, I need design guide lines of a supermarket and I need some review of a supermarket about architectural design of a supermarket.



    Dear sir,
    Iam Rajendra prasad working as Store Manager for supermarket in india. the place where iam working is highly potential but some where we are getting last in building basket value i personally felt and noticed in my store customers are getting confused to get their basket of planed and un planed . that’s where we are un able to build the healthy shopping basket. would request you to advise for store lay out which can have a influence on customer behavior.
    With warm regds,
    Rajendra prasad.
    It so use for those who want start own shop and make carrier in retail industry .



    Very usefull site.


  14. meya Avatar

    iam a college student. I want to get some information about the best supermarket’s layout in order to maximize sale and gain customers satisfaction .I really appreciate your earliest respond and look forward to it.
    very best regards,


  15. Grant Avatar

    ‘Secrets of the supermarket’ is an informative article related to marketing strategies of the modern supermarket. It outlines what the strategies of supermarket are and how they affect the customer. The article breaks down the sections such as fresh produce and convenience foods and describing the differences. The article focuses a lot on the environmental aspects that persuade customers to make purchases such as organic food, the use of artificial additives in foods and packaging. Rauber discusses the layouts of the supermarket and how they attempt to persuade the shopper’s habits, such as the produce section being located at the entrance of the store. Also the milk being located in inconvenient places such as the rear of the store which makes the customer have to travel through other aisles, where most of the impulse buys are.


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