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Finnish City to adopt Linux

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The Register reports that the forward-thinking Finnish city of Turku is close to switching its 5000 municipal machines from Windows to Linux … the most wired nation in Europe leads the way?


3 responses to “Finnish City to adopt Linux”

  1. djt Avatar

    everyone knows windows is better than lunix. what a load of drap.


  2. -jr- Avatar

    ha!!! reveal yourself djt. You ARE billgates, arentcha, right??? … so, why is it you piss your pants everytime somebody mentions linux????? scared,huh?


  3. John Watson Avatar
    John Watson

    Just for your interest this site came up as a Google Whack when entering “parkours” and “coronation” in Google search just 1 hit was found, your site. Google Whacks are very rare to find these days and this makes your site very rare. Hope you don’t mind me posting this comment and who knows you might want to try finding some Google Whacks for yourself! Or perhaps you do have a life, unlike as sad ones who search these sort of things out. If you want to know more about Google Whacks Check out Dave Goreman’s sites.


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