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Production drawings by Keiichi Matsuda

An uncharacteristically brief post just to point you at Keiichi Matsuda's Kickstarter campaign, launched today, for his ambitious new films about the modern city, set in Medellin, Colombia. Matsuda's previous work is quite brilliant—I've mentioned it before—and the premise of this new series is even more promising:

"It will be an ambitious new vision of the future; instead of jetpacks, flying cars and robots, think smart cities, super-social media, and ubiquitous augmented reality. It will be a science fiction short for our time; introspective, critical, and beautifully designed." (Keiichi Matsuda)

The production sketches above, from the campaign page, give a sense of Matsuda's distinctive aesthetic. He also wins Kickstarter Pitch of the Week award for the electric typewriter, throwaway aerial media, fiducial furniture and doing it in one take.

I encourage you to join me in backing this campaign—best of luck, Keiichi!

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