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In the previous entry I wrote about an unsuccessful submission for the Venice Architecture Biennale Australian pavilion. As I noted, it grew out of an earlier internal ideas competition at Arup Sydney, in which I produced a set of 14 super-short stories, each pertaining to describe a particular Australian city of the future. In reality, each is a facet of almost any contemporary Australian city, extrapolated to bring into sharp relief, as per Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities (albeit with a lot less craft). Regular readers will recognise many of my prejudices and predilections surfacing here, which is perhaps why I found it so enjoyable to put together.

Here it is posted up against the windows of the Arup Sydney office, as part of our comp:




14 Cities (PDF, 76kb) Here's the PDF collating all 14 'cities', as they were presented. To follow, each city with its own entry to enable particular responses:

#1 City of La Niña

#2 City of Algalia

#3 Darwin S.E.Z.

#4 Re-industrial City

#5 Metabolist City

#6 New Sunshine

#7 City-State Archipelago

#8 Star City

#9 Walled City

#10 Slow City

#11 City of Sonovac

#12 Fractal City

#13 City of Tillandsia

#14 City of Glasses


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