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I like British artist Jeremy Deller's work a lot. I referred to his Acid Brass project years ago – in a very early entry on music metadata – as well as his moving recreation of the Battle of Orgreave (in Sheffield and The North). Recently I heard about his 'It Is What It Is' as I was ploughing through old Studio 360 shows, given the iPhone's new double-speed playback mode (which I'm loving, although I think it doubles my heart-rate too. Particularly listening to New Yorkers.)

So I watched his recent 'Procession' for the Manchester International Festival with interest. An actual procession through the centre of Manchester, it's a great big ramshackle civil serpent; sometime endearing, sometimes camp, sometimes misplaced, sometimes sad. Not everything works but it's a great idea – in a 'the city is shaped by events' sense. Here's a video on the artwork from The Guardian's report.

So imagine my surprise when someone's Twitter feed led me to the new advert for 'legendary' Australian beer VB. It's a beautifully done ad; pretty bloody funny – I can't decide between 'Cashed-Up Bogans', 'Manscapers' or 'Blokes Punching Above Their Weight'. Obviously the tone, location and purpose is quite different, but being a former resident of one city and a current resident of the other country, it's almost like I can imagine the two processions colliding, with hilarious consequences, The VB ad perhaps owes, well, a bit of a debt to Deller, no? [Higher quality here, embedded below]

One response to “Processional: Jeremy Deller/Manchester vs. Victoria Bitter/Australia”

  1. lauren Avatar

    dan, i have to say, i never would have thought i’d be reading about a comparison between deller and VB. especially on this blog 🙂 but well done. both of those clips are pretty impressive. i wonder if mancurians felt the same level of cringe over the procession as i did with the vb?


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