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Postopolis! LA update

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LA signage collision

As announced a couple of weeks ago, Postopolis! LA is coming soon. My colleagues have been busier than I in terms of gathering names for this one, I must admit. The provisional list emerging below looks fantastically interesting to me nonetheless. We can now announce that the venue is the rooftop pool, deck, and bar of the Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, which seems right. Here's the rough list of speakers so far as compiled by Geoff Manaugh (more names to follow, and the schedule will be ready soon):

Postopolis! LA runs from Tuesday, March 31 to Saturday, April 4, from 5pm-11pm everyday. And it's free.

Postopolis! LA is hosted by BLDGBLOG, City of Sound, mudd up!, Plataforma Arquitectura/Arch Daily, Subtopia, and we make money not art, under the organization of the Storefront for Art and Architecture and the sponsorship of ForYourArt.


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