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A handbook

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The field of urban informatics – or whatever it gets called in the long run – feels like it’s burgeoning about now. Of course, people working in a particular field often say, “You know, this field is really burgeoning about now.” But there’s certainly a critical mass of interest and activity building, and at a different level to the last few years. And with uncharted territory, it’s handy to have a few guide-books emerging (e.g. Greenfield’s The City …)

Another such book is being put together by the indefatigable Marcus Foth of QUT (previously, here). It’ll be out around December 2008 and I’m looking forward to it very much. (Disclaimer, I was one of the referees for this book.)

It’s called the Handbook of Research on Urban Informatics: The Practice and Promise of the Real-Time City and you can view the table of contents here, and download that, plus the foreword, preface etc. here. Check it out.


4 responses to “A handbook”

  1. Noah Avatar

    Thanks for the book recommendations, I will certainly take a look!


  2. Marcus Foth Avatar

    Thanks Dan, too kind 🙂

    And if anyone's on facebook and interested in this, please join the Urban Informatics group on there:


  3. Meredith Avatar

    Hello Dan Hill,
    Great post! Can you send your email address?
    Meredith Carruthers, exhibitions coordinator CCA


  4. Social Network Web Design Avatar

    Great. maybe i should get a copy.


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