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Sydney mapping exercises

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Adrian Lahoud of UTS writes to say, "Thought you should know that as of last week 200 psycho-geographical maps have been pinned up around four routes through the Sydney CBD, with invitations for use and comments at archurbanism at …"



2 responses to “Sydney mapping exercises”

  1. John Furnival Avatar
    John Furnival

    I am very interested in this project – is there any chance of seeing/sending me a map?


  2. Lou Weis Avatar

    I was linked to your blog by Jeremy Yuille.
    I am a creative director of installation works created with interdisciplinary teams.
    Currently there are two projects in production that have Arup, Derek Thompson from the Melbourne Acoustics department, involved as partners.
    I’m fascinated by much that you have on this blog and it would be great if we could have a chat sometime,
    best wishes,


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