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Los Angeles River happening

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"Did you know you can rent a generator for $52 and set up and play ANYWHERE until the cops come?"

Found. A happening down at the Los Angeles river. A temporary concert hall assembled on an intermittent river.

I didn’t even know Los Angeles had a river; yet it’s there, for 51 miles from the San Fernando Valley flowing down to Long Beach, and like London’s rivers it’s been manhandled underground and through concrete channels. (The “concrete channels” ring a bell, familiar from Terminator and Grand Theft Auto.)

But this is an informal attempt at rediscovering the river, opening it up – alongside rather more formal attempts.  It lasted ’till the cops came.

Without the sound of the music and the people, and with little idea of who they all are, I’m struck by the scrubby baked beauty of hazy California, a landscape also familiar now, from New South Wales.

When It All Comes Down, We’re Gonna See A Real Masterpiece. [i wish god were alive to see this]


3 responses to “Los Angeles River happening”

  1. arthur Avatar

    The band was No Age, and there’s some video of it here


  2. Dave C Avatar

    This might date me but remember when The Beatles Played on top of Abbey Road till the cops shut them down?


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