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OMA renders cold North European light beautifully

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I get sent quite a few press releases, with the most interesting ones generally finding their way into the ‘Noted Elsewhere’ column over to the right (or daily links if you read this site via the RSS feed, or if you want to see all the entries archived. Those that don’t send press releases with a useful explanatory link will struggle, as will those that don’t send interesting press releases, I suppose.)

And it looks like Geoff Manuagh and I are on several of the the same mailing lists, too, as he’s swiftly posted about two recent releases for projects I also found intriguing. Head over to BLDGBLOG for more information on the wonderful Elastic Houses by Etienne Meneau:




And also read Geoff’s thoughts on the winning entry for the Polish Pavilion for the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, whose perforated skin should probably have made it into yesterday’s round-up on façades in retrospect:






The quality of the rendering there is fairly compelling, which leads me neatly to a release in today’s in-box that I did want to highlight, and – I’m not ashamed to say – purely for the presentation. The renderings for OMA’s final design for the Science Centre and Aquarium in Hamburg’s Hafencity have such a dramatically sombre grain to them. Not to get too W.G. Sebald about it, but that cold, harsh North European pallor almost makes me grimly nostalgic for the grey, light-starved skies over that continent right now. Almost. [Do click the following images for larger versions]



Read more at the OMA site, though to be honest, there’s little there as compelling as these drawings.

Etienne Meneau
Polish Pavilion
OMA’s designs  for the Science Centre and Aquarium in Hamburg’s Hafencity


4 responses to “OMA renders cold North European light beautifully”

  1. Juha van 't Zelfde Avatar

    These OMA renderings are compelling indeed. Do you have any idea who is responsible for them? And have you seen them of this quality before?


  2. Dan Hill Avatar

    I’m not sure who’s responsible, Juha. Presumably in-house at OMA – I’d love to find out too. With renderings getting ever more important (and multi-dimensional), but aesthetics often restricted by lazy use of the same software, it will surely become a real point of distinction for firms.


  3. marilisa Avatar

    i love OMA….always the best.
    the skin is adorable….


  4. Max Avatar
    courtesy of anarchitecture.. they’ve done a lot of OMA’s renderings


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