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Halley swings round again

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A couple of years ago I posted about the new Halley research station for the British Antarctic Survey. And during a brief visit to London recently, I noticed that Architects Journal had an update on the project. Here are a few of the pages from that issue (click through for larger versions).








As it nears the start of its life, I’m increasingly fascinated by this project. It could exemplify some aspects of The New Engineering, with a highly bespoke, site-specific, tightly integrated bit of design, assembled from pre-fabricated components and containing the instructions for its own demise – disassembly and recycling as a specified decommissioning point. (The station is designed to last a specific number of years and no more, which is something Cedric Price would’ve approved of, albeit longer than its predecessors due to its ability to move. I’m not sure about the recyclability aspects of the station.)

(Totally incidentally, I’m not convinced by the serif-led redesign of AJ. Was it also APFEL? I preferred their original.)


5 responses to “Halley swings round again”

  1. Enrique Ramirez Avatar

    This is an absolutely fascinating project. However, I think that its prefab and modular aspects are more reminiscent of James Stirling’s Haslemere and Runcorn projects.
    On a side note, I was on 8 design juries last semester — and I noticed about 4 or 5 projects that had an absolutely clear Stirling reference. What is interesting was that these projects quoted Stirling/Wilford as opposed to Stirling/Gowan.
    Maybe all this Stirlingness is a product of my own manias ….


  2. lauren Avatar

    this project reminds me of a trans-national, cross-discipline project on both north and south poles, instigated by russian artist marki peljhan: ITASC (interpolar transnational art science constellation).
    the brief was to generate a temporary scientific/artist research centre on antarctica that had minimal environmental impact, maximum facilities and short set-up time to be able to transfer the station easily.
    i heard peljhan speak at ars electronica this year and it was fascinating.


  3. anon Avatar
    anon picked up on the change in December – – with one comment suggesting that perhaps a new editor might be tinkering…


  4. ina Avatar

    Very frightening project for me..
    Hope nobody will really live inside it in the normal environment.. around us..
    Because build it means that the environment so awful to live in..
    Thank God it was built for British Antarctic Survey.. Which could be only exist in Antarctica.. or outer space..


  5. PEJA Avatar

    this is like archigram’s project..


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