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Recent fallen, floating and flying architecture

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Today’s brief round up of temporary or transient architecture:

Filed under ‘accidental’, ‘deconstructivism’, ‘inadvertent installations’ and ‘looking like a Coop-Himmelb(l)au building’, some wonderfully collapsed scaffolding in Melbourne (cnr. of Collins and Elizabeth). Apparently news of the splintered short-term structure flew around Melbourne’s architectural community last week. [As heard about on Triple R’s excellent show ‘The Architects’, and images via the show’s Rory. Last week’s show also featuring a cracking chat with Louis Sauer, by the way.]



And filed under ‘unbuilt’, ‘branded buildings’, ‘you’ve probably already seen it’ and ‘unlikely bedfellows’, Zaha Hadid’s transient gallery for installation art, for Chanel’s art director Karl Lagerfeld. "The container will travel from Hong Kong to Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, London, Moscow and Paris over the course of two years." [Seen on Archinect, Wallpaper*, and NYT + video]



Filed under ‘megastructures’, ‘floating buildings’, ‘luxury space’ and ‘wet’, Renzo Piano’s floating building – OK, a P&O superliner – called the ‘Pacific Dawn‘. (With 165 more staterooms than the biggest hotel in Australia etc etc. The exterior is far more appearling than the interior, though.) To be launched in Sydney Harbour on November 8th and setting sail next year.


Finally, filed under ‘airborne buildings’, ‘megastructures’ and ‘late’, the A380 flew into Sydney this week on its first commercial flight, after a brief pit-stop in Melbourne earlier this month. These first planes are operated by Singapore Airlines, out of Chang Airport.




One response to “Recent fallen, floating and flying architecture”

  1. Graham Jeffery Avatar

    You should probably keep an eye on the development of the Lift New Parliament (now shortened to the Lift) which will be a temporary meeting space/structure which will premiere in East London next summer and from there travel around the world. More details at
    “When the Lift New Parliament opens by day, it is a meeting place that hosts performances, ceremonies, forums, talks, workshops, virtual conferences, installations, exhibitions and more. By night, it is a beacon, an after dark installation, transmitting sound and image, radio broadcasts, films and documentations of the day’s activities, communicating the messages of its activities to a wider public through the medium of theatre and the web.”


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