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Update: Jeff and friends got in at OMA/AMO, so I think we’re done here. Thanks very much for the interest.

In my spare time, I mentor a student on MA Narrative Environments at London’s Central Saint Martins, name of Jeffrey Koh. (Actually, he’s so smart I often find I have to remind myself who’s mentoring who, but that’s another story.) Jeff, along with two equally smart and capable colleagues, is looking for an internship over the summer, so one small way I can help out is to post their details here. The three come as a set, covering multiple disciplines but would be particularly useful in the crossovers between architecture, urban planning, graphic design and related. I can highly recommend them, so if you’re looking for interns in the next couple of months, please do get in touch with Jeff on smallcaps at It doesn’t have to be London or UK-based company, necessarily.

The basic requirements of the course’s placement program is that they work a minimum of 50 hours for a company using whatever skills are required, after which they produce an experience report and company audit that is made available to the company and course director.

After the jump, more details on the students:

Alex is an American architect/graphic designer who was born and educated in Miami. Before coming to Central Saint Martins he practiced as a freelancer and project associate on a series of public projects within the cultural sector, working with the Miami Art Museum (MAM) and City of Miami Beach. He has showcased past competition work at the Van Alen Institute in New York City and continues to work on open design competitions. His previous work focuses on theories concerning the phenomenon of architecture as branding, the affect of globalization on social housing and how narratives are integrated into visual and spatial languages.
Alex, at Narrative Environments

Karin Aue was born in Vienna, Austria and was trained there in graphic design and branding. She has been featured in numerous publications and has worked as a designer and illustrator for high profile companies such as Scholz and Friends in Berlin, Germany and is currently an illustrator for the Austrian national newspaper, Die Presse. Karin has also had the opportunity to study at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and is currently enrolled at Central Saint Martins Creative Practice for Narrative Environments MA program. Her interests lie in the implications of illustration and graphics on environmental narratives, and applying communicative concepts to numerous fields of practice.
Karin, at Narrative Environments

J.T.K.V. Koh spent most of his life so far in Toronto, Canada but has managed to live, work and study in London, Berlin, Singapore, Manila and Enschede. He has studied Semiotics, Industrial Design and Fashion Photography, and was awarded his BA in Monumental Kunst/Media Kunst from the Aki Academy of Art and Design in Enschede, the Netherlands. He is currently enrolled at Central Saint Martins Creative Practice for Narrative Environments MA program and is a multi-talented, trans-disciplinary new media installation artist and designer, and has worked in fashion, film, fine art, advertising and many other fields. Incidentally, his wide and diverse skill sets make him a perfect project manager, generative designer and creative consultant.
Jeff, at Narrative Environments

Links to Karin’s and Jeff’s weblog/webpage:

Link to the Narrative Environments course site:


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  1. smallcaps Avatar

    dan! OMA wrote back and have said that want us again for the summer! thanks for everything and have fun at Postopolis!


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