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Music for 10:00AM in the library room

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Amidst the haul of great things I picked up on a recent trip to Japan, these four CDs, two in each set. I’m quite keen on compilations which are designed for a certain space or time, and these aim to do just that (relates vaguely to a piece I wrote five years ago on different facets around music).

First up, the Grand Gallery label, with music designed for different times of day. The selections are generally the kind of jazz-house-latin-lite that seems effortlessly popular in Japan – a beautiful sheen to it, as with the package design.


The second is a series based on rooms, here aimed at the dining room and the library (there was another room too, which I can’t have been as interested in). Music here is older jazz and very good. For cool kids, clearly.


(But what happens if you play the 10:00AM CD in the dining room?)


One response to “Music for 10:00AM in the library room”

  1. Gregory Miller Avatar

    The idea of matching music to a time/place is interesting. We tend to either create associations with spaces through sound (discovery) then later remember spaces in part due to their unique acoustic environment (recall). Listening to a certain piece of music that is reminiscent of a past discovery–even if it doesn’t exactly match your own experience–can be a great way to heighten your current experience. Lest this be too dense: listening to music that someone else discovered in their living room at 10am can be a great way to further develop your expereience in your own living room at 10am.
    Of course, every person’s own disovery experience is unique, so I wonder how “accurate” the living room/10am thing would be from one person to the next. I suspect, however, that there must be enough commonanility in our experiences to make it effective.
    Enough rambling, I think I’ll just buy the CDs and have fun checking it out…


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