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These are lovely. Shots from the forthcoming ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ game. See the Koyaanisqatsi-inspired trailer here. Its good to see them actually take on New York, after the New York-inspired Liberty City of ‘GTA III‘. Hints at the possibility of Rockstar et al moving into the city simulation business (LA/San Francisco, Miami, NY), rather than games/movies as such. The people-trafficking story seems suitably Rockstar, but it’s years since I actually played a game like this in concerted fashion. Too much else to do. It would be lovely to move around, and listen to, this New York, though – as I’ve noted before, the sense of having an imagined New York ‘in a box’ like this is more than enough for me.












Rockstar: Grand Theft Auto IV

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6 responses to “GTA IV”

  1. PaperMario Avatar

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  2. liljon325 Avatar

    Now my question is, is this the cutscene quality or the actual game quality. I mean it would be amazing to see this quality in a GTA game but it just doesnt seem possible at this time. The trailer makes it look like BF 2 graphics. And BF2 enviroments are only about an 1/8 of a GTA world, i dont know if rockstar has that kind of power to do all that. They must have some seriously good additive degression to have an impressive world in the game.


  3. Western Infidels Avatar
    Western Infidels

    In the GTA3 games, the cutscenes were never prerendered movies but always done in-engine, and so had exactly the same look as the actual game. In addition to the advantage of a seamless look-and-feel, doing this reduces the developers’ workload and reduces the amount of media assets that have to ship with the game. It’s pretty clearly The Way Of The Future, in other words, and I would be very surprised if GTA4 did things any differently in that respect.
    These screenshots look nice, but they’re not a huge leap past what’s already been done in (for example) the Half-Life games. The last couple generations of graphics hardware make it possible to do some very neat lighting and post-processing tricks which can spruce up any given scene enormously.


  4. shay4587 Avatar

    yo man can u costomize your rides like in the previous game sanandreas,and what about your dude can he swim and change his clothing son. hit me back any time u want


  5. Miake Avatar

    yo go to GTA4.NET to get any info that is released up until release day. You will find answers to all of your questions. peace


  6. James Wright Avatar
    James Wright

    How expensive will it be and when does it come out?


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