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Acquired: at the Museum Bellerive in Zürich recently, the catalogue for Typotecture: Typography as Architectural Imagery, an exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, 2000 . Great collection of posters, wide-ranging in provenance and subject matter but all concerning typography "being able to subject itself to gravity and acquire a physical presence, to expand into a space and come closer to architectural form". Includes an essay by curator Andres Janser. Features work by Max Huber, Michael Bierut, Ivan Chermayeff, Mihaly Biró, Claude Luyet, Tomoko Miho, Mirko Ilic, and many others. Ten representative pages below [click for close-ups, at this Flickr set].











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One response to “Typotecture: Typography as Architectural Imagery”

  1. Matthew Whitfield Avatar
    Matthew Whitfield

    Hey Dan. I was in Zurich a couple of months ago, and managed to arrive for a day trip on a Monday when every damn museum was closed. I walked past the Museum Bellerive, though, on my way to see the Le Corbusier house (which made it all worthwhile, really). Experiencing a marvellous walk along Lake Zurich, with nothing to tempt me indoors except the lovel café in the park, made me appreciate the external architecture and sculpture all the more – what a fabulous slice of urbanism that part of the city is.


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