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"The things you are about to see won’t look familiar, because they haven’t happened yet." You could say that.

YouTube: Braniff International advert (1975)


4 responses to “Braniff Airways – The Supersonic Future (1975)”

  1. marty Avatar

    Ahhh, Braniff, surely it’s time has come again, non?
    There’s some great photos of the amazing Pucci uniforms, including the infamous bubble helmet, from the recent auction at:
    and photos on Flickr by Barry Hoggard:
    And on the Braniff site:
    As detailed here, Braniff epitomised the glamour of the jet age, and were the first to overtly sexualise their air hostesses.
    “Does your wife know you’re flying with us?” asked one of their print ads from the 60’s.
    You don’t get that with EasyJet.


  2. Dan Hill Avatar

    Thanks Marty. Fantastic set of links.


  3. mu Avatar

    a choice of THREE whole films? it really was better back in the day


  4. Zach K Avatar

    Very cool.
    It reminds me exactly of the last time I flew out of National Airport.


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