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Everyday Interaction Design Classics #1

An occasional series, commencing with this fine example of a purposeful ‘progress bar’ (above) and excellent robust buttons and switches, in a stylish, bespoke immersive environment. More images in sequence below, as used by Martin Sheen in Terence Malick’s film Badlands (1974).

Elsewhere, on Everyday Interaction Design Classics
#1 The ‘progress bar’ on the Voice-O-Graph in ‘Badlands’
#2 The big pink arrow from ‘Grand Theft Auto’
#3 The ‘A Bit More’ button on the Breville Professional 800 Collection 4-slice Toaster
#4: The Melnikov House intercom system
#5: Alan Partridge’s Rover 200 fascia control system
This post was first published at, on 12 August 2006.


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