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Graniph Tee

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A friend returned from Tokyo recently with a great gift – what I think is a Josef Müller-Brockmann t-shirt. The shop, Graniph, seem to have struck gold by taking Müller-Brockmann’s work to t-shirts. There’s so much that would work, though their website has few other examples. My German is just good enough – I think! – to infer that it’s a poster for an opening speech of an art exhibit curated by Dr. Dietrich Marlow, at Baden-Baden art gallery in 1974. Great packaging, natch, and what a good idea.




3 responses to “Graniph Tee”

  1. ChrisH Avatar

    Graniph are pretty much my favourite tshirt brand, even if they have now been copied by everyone including Uniqlo.
    They have a thing for German in general, I have random bits from an apparently famous poem on the back of one of mine.


  2. jk Avatar

    Graniph store scans german texts and transfers them with bad OCR-software to unreadable Textfragments. Then they compose bizarre T-Shirts with it.
    If your motherlanguage is german and you can “understand” what’s written on these shirts, you just have to laugh or run away.
    Not only are the layouts miserable, it’s far worse: Every Shirt in the store has at least two spelling errors and text spacing is miserable. Uaaarks! And when you’re washing the shirt in your washing machine, the cheap printing is destroyed.
    Have fun with graniph (I suppose that one’s coming from the transforming of “graphic”, “garfield” or “garlic”)!
    –> It’s a bit the same as when try to I write this in english… But I’m not going to print my comments on T-shirts and sell them 🙂


  3. roll4ever Avatar

    ChrisH:” the cheap printing is destroyed”
    -bullshit! maybe you don’t know how to use your washing machine?


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