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Fun with flats

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Partly in response to James Boardwell’s recent comment asking for a bit more "fluff" at cityofsound, here are a couple of great online vids doing the rounds (embedded in the post at the site, RSS-readers.)

(I can’t help but point out that they also speak of the pleasure, pain and surreal ennui of urban apartment living. But fluffily.)

First up, three Japanese students turn their residence into a house of dominos, as only three Japanese students could, in BakuTen:

Secondly, Belgian filmmaker Jonas Geirnaert’s entry to the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, Flatlife:

[Both via The Morning News]


One response to “Fun with flats”

  1. JamesB Avatar

    Well, I appreciated it 😉
    The first reminded me of ‘the way things go’ by fischli and weiss.. be great to see a functional “cause and effect” film applied to the space of the house/estate… Phil Gyford posted something a while back which showed the subterranea of the Barbican, the tubes carrying the waste etc, in this vein, which was fascinating…


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