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Cyclically, site owners tend to undertake projects to ‘redesign the website to within an inch of its life, back to a point of clarity of purpose and sense of space’. Rockstar Games recently attempted just that, and while the new site is not that placid or beautiful, they perfectly articulate the promotion of it with typical elan:

"The old Rockstar website was a hell of a lot of fun. Relentlessly camp, the life of the party, silly at times, but always endearing. Nevertheless, there’s only so long that such a lifestyle can go on. And the cougar really began to show her wear and tear."

"The new Rockstar website presents a time to reflect. To step barefoot on that soggy sand on a misty autumn dusk, stare out to the sea, and connect with the celestial ether. To abandon the trappings of modern excess and superfluousity and embrace a more placid and substantial beauty."

"Let the rest of the world overconsume to the point of combustion. Step inside and decompress at" [Flash]


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