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Sublime visions

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I can’t shift these images from my mind. Two particular sets of recently-linked-to photographs which, although very different, seem connected in some way. They are both bystanders to an entwining of natural processes and human engineering. And both sets of images are sublime, but in the original fearful, awe-inspiring sense of the word.

First, the first six or seven photographs of Chinese agriculture in Guangxi province, linked to via BLDGBLOG.

Guangxi photograph
Guangxi photograph

Secondly, Edward Burtynsky’s Shipbreaking images, mainly taken in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Edward Burtynsky Shipbreaking photograph
Edward Burtynsky Shipbreaking photograph
Edward Burtynsky Shipbreaking photograph


7 responses to “Sublime visions”

  1. Troy Worman Avatar

    Wow! These are amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. They are going to be difficult to get out of my head.


  2.  Avatar

    To Soar

    These photographs are jaw-dropping. Get me to China!
    (Courtesy of City of Sound)


  3. Dr_Sticky Avatar

    More shipbreaking photos by Norwegian photographer Rune Larson here:
    His gallery has a more human focus than the terrain vague melancholy of Burtynsky. Hence the images become a far more guilty pleasure…


  4. JamesB Avatar

    The shipbreaking photos are almost surreal in their scale – and similar in scale to the photos of ore mining in Latin America. This is also a monstrous ‘materiality’. And aside from the fact it gives some relief to an increasingly stark international division of labour, it also highlights the life cycle of materials and how economic necessity can often be the most effective cause of recycling.
    Not only are the poorest people adding greatest ‘value’ to the global economy, they’re also responsible for the re-use / recycling of materials we consider to be uneconomic and beyond use.


  5. Jean Avatar

    J’admire comme vous utilisez si bien ce qui est devant vous , même des ruines .
    Vos photos sont des oeuvres d’art !


  6. Mountain 7 Avatar

    Trackback: To Soar from Mountain7: “These photographs are jaw-dropping. Get me to China!” [Read More]


  7. Gucci bag charms Avatar

    i come from NanNing GuangXi. Moved to see my hometown.^


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