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Good to see the Art Gallery of Ontario involving quite a few bloggers in the ‘press’ coverage of their new Frank Gehry show. As a result, there’s good stuff at, David Crow, Torontoist, Spacing Wire amidst other round-ups as reported on the AGO blog

Incidentally, I’m really pleased that the exhibition itself features a few of my photos, from this earlier collection, for this post on the MIT Stata centre. (Again, the curators found those here and got in touch accordingly, so further sign of AGO using the net to their advantage, arguably.)

Stata interior

The show looks very interesting so do check it out if you can get to Toronto:

“This exhibition places Transformation AGO within the past ten years of the architect’s career, featuring drawings, models and site photographs of recently completed projects, along with working models generated through the design of the transformed Gallery.”

AGO: Frank Gehry – art and architecture
[NB: Don’t know if this is just me but beware hitting the main AGO site with Mac/Safari – it seems a little crashy-browsery. Above link should be safe.]


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    Wonderful site. Fantastic!


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