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The team behind The Guardian’s redesign has been nominated – and how nice to see a design team being recognised – for the Designer of the Year award (The Guardian redesign was covered here at the time). Congratulations to all involved. For all the flaws or oversights, it was/is a cracking piece of work, and they’d certainly get my vote (other nominees are Jamie Hewlett, Cameron Sinclair and Tom Dixon). Alice Rawsthorn, director of the Design Museum and chair of the jury notes:

“The team behind the Guardian redesign set out to create a model modern newspaper – and they succeeded. Unlike some other newspaper format changes, this was not just a shrink-to-fit. Every aspect of the paper was revitalised and reinvented. This is an extraordinarily innovative and intelligent way of addressing the commercial challenges of the newspaper industry.”

Aside: Interesting how Sunday’s redesigned Observer didn’t create half the stir. I’m yet to really formulate any coherent thoughts, but other than a lot more colour, it doesn’t feel as radical a step as The Guardian felt it needed to take.

The Guardian: Guardian on shortlist for top design award
cityofsound: Assessing the new Guardian, with brief nod to the avant-garde (aka Grazia, Heat and The Sun)


One response to “Guardian team up for Designer of the Year”

  1. Nico Macdonald Avatar

    See the discussion of the Observer re-design in the current (February 2006) issue of Creative Review. Includes some rather ascerbic comments from David Hillman of Pentagram, who was responsible for the late 80s re-design of the Guardian.
    Guardian senior designer Mark Porter will be talking about the re-design at a Typographic Circle event in London on February 23, 2006.


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