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Derek Bailey RIP

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Just returned from Barcelona to discover Derek Bailey has died. Oddly, the last time I saw Bailey was in Barcelona, playing Abaixadors Deu with the percussionist Susie Ibarra. I saw them having coffee and xocolata on La Rambla the next day, and wish I’d had enough courage to say hello and pass on my thanks … More so now. He was a hugely important musician, a tireless organiser and figureheard for improvised music, a witty Sheffield man, and writer of one of the great books on improvisation, and music in general. Well played.

A fitting obituary by John Fordham and Richard Williams at The Guardian. Likewise Steve Voce in The Independent.


3 responses to “Derek Bailey RIP”

  1. Joke? Avatar

    This is a compilation album put together that is dedicated to Derek Bailey.


  2. jsy2020 Avatar

    This is a wonderful music!


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