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Some photos of Shanghai by Paul Schütze

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My friend Paul Schütze has just returned from a quick trip to Shanghai and was suitably amazed. He sent me a few photos and I thought I’d share them with you. These will be the tip of the iceberg’s-worth of photos Paul no doubt took, but are fairly extraordinary. The email containing the last one had the subject line “Pollution? What pollution?”. Click on these hasty crops to get the full images.







2 responses to “Some photos of Shanghai by Paul Schütze”

  1. Clark Avatar

    I wonder if people in America and the UK are at all aware of just how grand China’s cities are becoming.


  2. Urs Avatar

    Indeed it’s truely amazing what’s going on in China. Swiss design magazine “Hochparterre” has two correspondents in Shanghai and Beijing. Check out their blogs to find more picture and information: Hochparterre International


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