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‘Punk’ exhibition, Urbis, Manchester

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Forthcoming exhibition at Manchester’s Urbis musuem on punk:

“Punk charts the relationships between the Sex Pistols, Malcom McLaren, Vivenne Westwood and Jamie Reid and the designs, fashion and cultural icons they collectively created. Featured in the exhibition are previously unseen items including outrageous anti-fashion creations from McLaren and Westwood’s shop SEX (later Seditionaries), some owned by Sex Pistols band members, original handwritten lyrics from songs on Never Mind the Bollocks, rare designs of promotional items and album covers, and photographs from the Sex Pistols on tour. Punk shows how this collection of work achieved iconic status and still has the power to influence and offend. Punk also features rare material and objects illustrating the Manchester punk scene of the time, curated from private Manchester collections.”


Strange that the press release focuses on the McLaren-Westwood-Pistols scene and doesn’t mention the like of Buzzcocks etc (although the Pistols gig at Manchester’s Lesser Free Trade Hall in 1976 was suitably historic – the kind of gig that everyone on the Manchester scene since has claimed they were at.)

Three quid, 26 May – 7 August, Urbis, Manchester UK.

Urbis: Punk exhibition


3 responses to “‘Punk’ exhibition, Urbis, Manchester”

  1. The Mediaburn Radio Weblog Avatar

    from cityofsound

    ‘Punk’ exhibition, Urbis, Manchester .


  2. kay Avatar

    please help,is this punk exhibition going all over the u.k? or has it ended?
    thanks 🙂


  3. Kelly Adams Avatar
    Kelly Adams

    hi, im doing a reasearch project on the punk movment for uni, i was wondering if ya could send me any leaflets, for old or new exhibitions?


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