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My current favourite photographer – Stephen Gill – has an exhibition at the Architectural Association in London until May 27 2005.

I’ve posted about Gill before and have been enjoyably leafing through his superb monograph, Field Studies, for the last year, but it’s great to see a decent selection of the photos up close. There’s also a couple of new series, including a hilarious and poetic series of bird photographs. His website has plenty examples more of his quietly brilliant work – I really think he’ll be seen in a few years as one of the great city photographers, certainly of London.

The Architectural Association gallery is on Bedford Square – you may have to ring the doorbell at weekends.

Architectural Association: Stephen Gill exhibition


One response to “Stephen Gill exhibition, AA, London”

  1. ah Avatar

    his photographs are incredible, the lost ones especially.
    i like this from amazon though:
    “Customers who bought books by Stephen Gill also bought books by these authors:
    Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    Percy Bysshe Shelley
    Lord Byron
    William Wordsworth
    John Milton”


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